Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where do I find a soundtrack for the movie "Mad Money"?

Recently released on DVD, this movie stars Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes and Ted Danson (among other fine actors!)|||You don't. It finds you.|||This is the only official song in the movie.

"Get Away With That"

Written by Michael Baiardi %26amp; Daniel Salvatore

Published by Soundfile Publishing (ASCAP)

Performed by Cailber

Courtesy of Soundfile Records

My pleasure.

For my congressman's yes vote my state TN got 500 billion of your tax money. Are you mad?

I am.|||your congressman should be ashamed of him self

the vote was so good and yet obama had to bribe his own party to vote for it

and yet they are exempt from having to use the same health care|||yes, but it was 500 million|||Don't get mad, get November. Nothing is forever! Eastern Europe was kept under the Obama style socialist system for over 40 years then when they took to the streets nothing could stop the hunger for freedom and liberty. I have great faith in the American people that socialism will not last for 40 years in America.|||As a fellow Tennessean I too am mad.|||I wish you guys would pay your own taxes so Californians and New Yorkers would stop subsidizing your states wiht Federal money.|||Don't get mad, get even Nov. 2nd.

Has anyone seen the film 'Mad Money' with Queen Latifah?

was it any good (scale of 1-10, 10 being best)...|||It's wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. I'd give it a 7.|||I wouldn't see that movie even if they paid me.|||Don't listen the the girl above me. That movie was so good, and hilarious. Watch it for sure.|||It was just okay. I would give it a 6 or 7. It has a few funny parts.|||Yes, and I really enjoyed it. I even took the time to write a review on Netflix...

I'd give it a 6

Do you get mad at yourself when you waste money?

I rented a movie at redbox and have kept it out a week I feel stupid and angry lol|||red box maybe not that much money did you enjoy the movie ? if yeah great we all forget things its normal dont beat yourself up about it like te guy said money comes and goes but its what you do with it that counts|||when i was 9 i spent all of my birthday money i had just recieved ($60) on bratz dolls. BRATZ DOLLS. everyone had them and thought they were soooo cool, so i bought a ton, and figured out how dumb they were lol. so then i sold them like a year later at a yard sale. so know when i waste money, i think "is this as bad as the bratz doll instance? cause that was pretty bad..." and it usually isnt so i dont worry about it=)|||Give yourself a break or you will spend the rest of your life in misery.|||Money comes and goes, memories last forever|||Yes.

If I had all the money that I've wasted I could buy something more important right now.|||a bit irritated. than i get over it.

that is why i don't spend large quantities :)

If you found out that Obama actually pocketed much of the stimulus money would you be mad?

If you found out that Obama just put all future generations in debt and pocketed the money in a foreign bank account would that bother you at all? Or would you just shrug your shoulders and say "We need change"? Maybe you should get ready to get mad.|||Is that how his wife can afford a $6,000 purse.

Now I understand|||"It's Bush's fault! Hey, do you wanna talk about Sarah Palin? Let's talk about Sarah Palin!"|||Dude, don't be ridiculous. Obama doesn't have access to those funds. This isn't the Philippines under the Marcos.|||I would be mad if he spent billions invading a country looking for "weapons of mass destruction" and found NOTHING.|||That's a crime. Of course I'd be angry.

How come Transformers has made more money than Star Trek, Wolverine, Terminator, etc movies that have been mad?

e in the past with followings already??? I'm just curious I mean Transformers is at 700 mill where everything else is in the 300 mill range which isn't a bad thing but I'm just wonderin'


and please give like 5 or more sentences, not a "because it rocks"|||Transformers hits a large demographic. Since it is based on a toy from the 80's adults who grew up in the 80s want to go see it. In addition to that, the movie has Megan Fox in it. And as we all know she is attractive, and who wouldn't pay 15 bucks to watch her run around for 2 hours. Plus the movie rocks!|||Because most boys/men like toys and things that blow up, plus throw in a barely dressed skank and there you have it!|||the guys go crazy for megan fox.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Have you seen the film Mad Money with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah?

Was it worth seeing and is it funny?|||Its not as funny as it looks. Its more like the writers weren't that good but they figured since they had such high stars playing the leads that it would be. Katie Holmes character I think is really the only thing that made the movie interesting. Other than that, its not really worth paying money for.|||it was rather halarious. like with Diane Keaton ur expecting a boring role but no totaly oposite shes liek teh mastermind of the whole plan to steal the money so she is like the queen bee. and queen latifah isnt her norm carchter either wich is funny in this movie just cause shes like the skeptical mom person who u would expect to be diane keaton.but she plays it so good. and then katie holmes just being as adorble as seh is makes it halarious with her obivious charachter. lmao. she did a job well done. so ya deff rent it cuase its pretty good.

hope this helps